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Finding GAME MASTER Real Identity!! (Fingerprint Mystery Evidence Discovered)

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Previously Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace Sharer started Collecting Mystery Evidence Found in GAME MASTER Hideout!! (Surprise Reveal Clues Hinted) and they collected some top secret evidence just like Chad Wild Clay and Rebecca Zamolo have found previously. With the theres mystery spy gadget devices they found the sis vs bro sharer fam members decided to try to scan for fingerprints off of these gadgets and see if they can found game master with all these clues and riddles. The more information they can grab from the fingerprints they more pictures they can put up on the mystery detective board in the share the love merch room where you can see all the places the Game Master was spotted. Stephen dusts the evidence for answers to the Game Master PZ riddles left in the backayrd. Do you think this PZ member or Game Master could be Chad Wild Clay or possibly RZ Twin?

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